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WithWest.com Aggregates Assistance Efforts For Those Looking to Help

Post Date: 4/22/2013

All over Texas and across the country, people have been looking for ways to help the people affected by the devastating explosion and fires in West, Texas.

A new website, With West, was created to provide a direct connection between anyone seeking a way to help the community of West and the many organizations and individuals who have programs and events that will be providing much-needed assistance.

In the wake of catastrophes like West, there is always an immediate and widespread outpouring of support and offers to help — people looking to give blood, offer financial assistance, donate food or clothing or anything else the affected community needs. At the same time, there are many organizations who are already prepared to help deal with such disasters.

But it’s not always easy for people to find specific information on how they can help, or for organizations to spread the word about their needs.

Social media is a great way to share information, and news sites regularly list ongoing relief efforts and opportunities, but what has been missing is a centralized platform providing direct access to information and opportunities of all kinds related to relief efforts.

With West provides one place that connects those seeking to help with those offering assistance.

Individuals looking to help will find a number of opportunities on the site. Organizations can go to withwest.com and click "Add it to this site." They will be able to enter the organization's information and it will post to the site. When a user clicks on your information they will be directed to the link provided to take action.

Currently on the site are links to a wide variety of efforts, including the American Red Cross, the ATPE’s West ISD Relief Fund, the Salvation Army’s West-specific donation page, ticket sales information for the April 28 Willie Nelson benefit concert and links to the Capital Area Food Bank, Brazos Valley Media and the Knights of Columbus drives.

For more information, you can also contact info@withwest.com