Shiner TV: “Prosit Forward”

Shiner has been sharing beer since way back. After a long day in the fields, farmworkers would find an ice-cold beer waiting for them on a fence post courtesy of Kosmos Spoetzl, the brewery’s founder. Today, that tradition continues with Prosit Forward.
(“Prosit,” so you know, is how we say “cheers” here in Shiner, Texas.)
We launched the campaign to encourage people to share a Shiner with someone who deserves it. Which, as we see it, is pretty much everyone — the guy who watered your plants or the neighbor who shared her Netflix password. Vegetarians at barbecues and awards show judges. People with something to celebrate or, well, the opposite of something to celebrate. Everyone.

We spread the message on TV, at bars and anywhere else we could find someone who’d listen. We even had a hashtag so people could share when they shared a Shiner. Did this little town (pop. 2,069) start a movement and change the world? It’s hard to tell, but we like to think that we did Kosmos proud.